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You know how the world feels CRAZY?

(Like, seriously, how did we get here?)

The overwhelm of what to do about it is real. 

You’ve considered lots of options – you know, like sheltering your kids until they’re 35 or moving your family com-pa-leeeetly off the grid – but those aren’t so…realistic.

But here’s the thing, sister.

You’ve already got what it takes to calm the chaos & make a difference in your own little corner of the country:

Try to hold back the yawn as I get all “political science-y” on you…

…but there are AAALL sorts of studies & data out there that tell us just how powerful that family meal is. And how *truly devastating* the stats are on the state of our union when it comes to loneliness and what a lack of community & healthy relationships are doing to our society.

(I’ll sum up the findings for you: it ain’t good. But you’ve probably already figured that out.) 

Girlfriend, your dinner table might just be part of the cure.

As seen in:

Welcome, friend! I’m Mauri!

I’m on a mission to get families back to the dinner table. My goal is to provide you with great recipes worth sharing, to take the overwhelm out of meal planning, and to offer tips & encouragement for making it easier to gather at the table with your fam & everyone you invite into the fold. 

Your table has some lives to change, my friend! Can’t wait to be on mission together! 

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