Have a BLAST at your Christmas party with this *complete,* actually fun (and not cheesy!) Christmas Jeopardy game! 

(and YES, this can EASILY be adapted for virtual Christmas parties this year!)

Don't spend hours creating your own game from scratch!

Get instant access to everything you need to easily print, assemble, and host a SUPER fun, Christmas-themed, legit Jeopardy! game.

Created for EVERYONE at your Christmas party to have fun!

 Here's what you'll get:

Upon purchase, you'll be instantly emailed links to:

  • A complete Christmas-themed Jeopardy-style party game, with 2 rounds (Jeopardy & Double Jeopardy), Daily Doubles, and Final Jeopardy, just as in the game show
  • 12 Jeopardy-style categories and clues (very similar to what you’d see on the real game show), all assembled so you can easily make your own game board for your Christmas party with dollar amounts on the front & clues on the back
  • Final Jeopardy category, clue (and answer), as well as wager sheets & Final Jeopardy answer sheets
  • Detailed instructions for assembly & game host instructions, as well as an easy-to-navigate clue & answer sheet
  • Score card to keep track of players’/teams’ points


This game was intentionally designed for Christmas-lovers and somewhat Scrooges alike – while every category is Christmas-themed, there are some twists in there that help make this a fun TRIVIA game that anyone who enjoys games would enjoy playing.

Want more info?

  • You can easily set the game up so that people can play as individuals or teams
  • The game is very much modeled after the nuances of the game show with the types of categories, the way the clues are given, and game play, so it makes it even more fun and entertaining to play 
  • You can print it over & over & host it again and again with different groups of people each Christmas!
  • Assembly (printing, cutting the clues out, & creating the board) will probably take you about 30-45 minutes. Creating the categories, clues, and host instructions took several hours, so you'll save A LOT of time!

Have some questions?

Lemme see if I can help you!

Will I get all these goodies in the mail?

Just a couple of minutes after you order, everything will zip on over into your inbox. I have a feeling you're itching to start creating this game!

How do I set up this game?

Don't worry - I've gotcha covered! In addition to all the printable materials for the game, you'll be directed to a link to see EXACTLY, step-by-step, how to set up your game board. 

Is this just another lame Christmas game?

No. Way. This game really was intentionally designed to be fun for ANYONE who enjoys group games. You don't have to be a Christmas expert to play. The categories & clues are quite creative and make you think!

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