Open your door with joy.
Kick overwhelm to the curb.

Preparing for company just got so much easier. 

We desire to have a welcoming space where our guests can feel right at home. We crave for our homes to be places of warmth, comfort, and gathering. We want to open our doors with confidence and be proud of the space we're sharing with our guests. 

But, sometimes the daunting task of preparing causes more stress than we feel its worth. We get bogged down with thinking through how to make our homes cozy and inviting. We give into the pressure of perfection. We let the overwhelm overtake us.

Friend, you deserve for this to be far less complicated. Invite Company's Coming to help.

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meet the gal behind company's Coming

Howdy, friend! I'm Mauri, & I'm really excited to help make it easier for you to welcome others in. 

I'm a big believer that one of the best ways we can change our world is by giving hugs from our own doorsteps, inviting people in, & sharing yummy food around our tables. You know, everyday hospitality. 

However, I'm also fully aware we can let intimidation creep in & prevent us from practicing that routine, easy-going, relationship-focused hospitality we so desire to show. Our space feels too small. Prep work seems too steep. We're constantly strapped for time, & we allow feelings of inadequacy to overtake us.

Friend, I feel ya. 

As my dad would say, "Been there, done that!" But, after being a frequent guest in others' homes, & having countless guests in ours, I've learned something super important: we're making this too complicated.  

Believe me, as the queen of making anything complicated (just ask my husband!), I know this all too well. And that's where Company's Coming comes in.

Through the years, I've picked up zillions of time-saving, sanity-saving tips & tricks that enable me to embrace my love of great food, all-things cozy & welcoming, & my appreciation for lovely spaces, but that make the process of achieving all of those things much simplerAfter all, if the process is simpler, we're far more likely to open our doors, aren't we? 

Well, friend, I've packaged up all of those tips to share with you, in hopes that I can help make everyday hospitality simpler for you, too. Let's go change the world together! But, let's make it simpler (and more fun) to do so. 

What will I learn in Company's Coming 
and how do I use it? 

Company's Coming is a digital product, comprised of over 100 pages of tips, checklists, planning sheets, inspiration for recipes to prepare and games to play with company, and more! Time-saving tips, tips for cleaning before guests arrive, and super simple ideas for how to make your space more welcoming. There are also several sheets for you to record the names of your own favorite recipes for numerous food categories so you can remember which foods you most enjoy when you're planning food for guests.

Upon your purchase, you'll receive a digital download of Company's Coming (as well as some bonuses! whoop!) that you can print out and put in a 3-ring binder. Print out several copies of those checklists, planning sheets, grocery list, and fill-in-the-blank sheets so you can fill 'em up and use them again and again.

Check out more of what's inside!

Print these over and over and use them again and again as you're planning for company! These gorgeous planning sheets will make you love getting ready for company! 

Get tons and tons of inspiration for planning a menu and prepping food, especially created and organized to help you think through what you want to make when you're short on time but don't want to compromise quality. Literally hundreds of ideas for snacks, sides, salads, main dishes, desserts, drinks, sauces, and butters - so much food!

Get ideas for great games to play around the dinner table with casual company. Games are broken down into categories based on different recommendations - ones that are great to play with kids & adults, ones that don't require much time to play, and ones that are great for being able to continue conversation while you're playing.  

Get dozens and dozens of my best time-saving, sanity-saving, and welcoming tips to make it easier to have company and to have folks in your home! Tips for hosting guests for a meal, overnight guests, folks coming with kiddos, inspiration for how to cook for visitors coming with food allergies and dietary restrictions, and tips for getting ready last-minute guests. 

Record your favorite recipes that you enjoy making when you're sharing a meal with others. This will help you easily remember what you enjoy making, where to find it (whether it's in one of your cookbooks, on a recipe card, or on one of your Pinterest boards), and make notes you want to remember about serving up that recipe.  

Get inspiration for simple routines and methods for cleaning and prepping before guests arrive. 

Here are the four design styles of Company's Coming
you can choose from:

We all have our own style of hospitality, and we all have our own style of design! I've designed four aesthetics for you to choose from - they're all named after different home styles. How appropriate! :) All of the content is the same in each of these - the only thing that differs between these designs is the look.

You can choose from: Rustic Ranch House, Old-Fashioned Farmhouse, Classic Colonial, or Country Cottage. 

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Everyone loves a good bonus! Until midnight CDT on Thursday, October 25th, you can get Company's Coming with these awesome bonuses for 60% of the retail price! Wahoo! Here's what you're going to get *for free* with your Company's Coming purchase: 

Bonus #1

Instant Hospitality eBook
$20  free with your purchase!

Instant Hospitality is 100% dedicated to helping you be prepared for last-minute guests! Packed with actionable tips, tricks, and recipes, you'll get some great ideas in here specifically when you're short on time before welcoming others through your door. Typically a $20 purchase, but you'll get it free this week with your purchase of Company's Coming. Yay! 

Bonus #2

Gorgeous printables +
recipe card
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You'll get 10 gorgeous printables + printable recipe cards that correspond with the version of Company's Coming you choose. Typically $8, but you get 'em free this week with your purchase of Company's Coming!

What are others saying about
Company's Coming

As someone who constantly stresses out about everything being perfect when guests come over, Company’s Coming literally lowered my blood pressure as soon as I opened it. Mauri has so many great tips for making hosting easier, and there are plenty of smart reminders in here that I always tend to forget — for example, allowing your guests to help you in some way, because people love to help! I promise you that if you typically get overwhelmed by hosting, this guide will totally save your sanity this holiday season and — dare I say it — allow you to actually enjoy yourself when planning for and hosting guests in your home.


This is a beautifully presented compilation of fun and real life, practical ideas for making guests feel welcome. I love the tips for quick meals or snacks and how they are organized is so handy. I frequently have company in my home and am always looking for ways to save time and pull things together quickly. That way I can make the visit about my guests and not about the work to prepare for them. 


Hospitality-loving mama

Company's Coming will be living on my kitchen counter all year long! This is the most comprehensive hospitality centered workbook I've ever seen. The tips and tricks that are inside will help you create a welcoming home at the ready for anyone who walks through the door. Thank you, Mauri for creating such an amazing product!


Company's Coming is needed in every mom's life. Whether I'm hosting a play date, Bible study, or quick dinner with friends, I can resource this workbook for tips and ideas. Everything is laid out with simplicity and will spur you on to invite others over without the stress!


After reading Company’s Coming, I felt like I was welcomed into Mauri’s own home and she shared all her tips & tricks for making anyone feel like they belong. Not only do I feel more prepared for hosting my in-laws or groups with kids, but I am also excited about it, too! You’ll find her time saving ideas & recipes are pure gold for enjoying entertaining while making it look effortless. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my product?
Really soon after your purchase! Your digital files will be delivered to you shortly after you complete your purchase. If you don't see an email with your downloads in your inbox within an hour, make sure to check your spam/junk folder. If you have deliverability issues, just email me - mauri[at]  - and let me know and I'll get you squared away!

Will I get a physical product? 
Nope - 100% digital. Which is great, because then you can print out those checklists, planning sheets, and fill-in-the-blanks again and again and use them as often as you need 'em!

Is this a cookbook?
No, but it's FULL of inspiration for recipes and food prep. This is created to help you easily think through ideas of what to make, and there are several ways you can record your favorite recipes in the binder. Several of the food prep ideas in here don't require a recipe - if you have basic cooking skills, you can easily whip up many of these ideas without looking at a thing!

Can I buy this for a friend or family member? 
Yes! I'm still figuring out how to help you "gift" this to others - what a fun gift to receive! If you're interested in this, send me a quick email - mauri[at] and I'll help you figure that out. 

What will I need to assemble this digital binder? 
Just a 3-ring binder of your choosing, a 3-ring hole-punch, and some dividers to help you make it easier to flip to each section. You'll also need a way to print out the file, whether that's on your own home computer or whether you take it somewhere else to have it printed. 

Have a different question? 
No problem! Just reach out to me via email and I'll be happy to help you learn more about this super fun product!