(4 ways!)

To start, you'll need the perfect buttercream frosting.  (I share recipes with you in the decorating post!)

STEP 1: Mix your colors

STEP 2: Add your frosting to piping bags (or sandwich bags - check out the post for more details!)

DECORATING METHOD #1: Simple base coat + sprinkles

This is definitely the simplest way to decorate. You can get some beautiful cookies with just a variety of colors & sprinkles!

DECORATING METHOD #2: Textured look

You can end up with some very unique, custom-looking cookies with little effort!

DECORATING METHOD #3: two-toned frosting

Super fun way to make beautiful Christmas tree cookies!

DECORATING METHOD #4: Decorate with detail

You don't have to be a pro to create GORGEOUS cookies! (I teach ya everything you need to know. 😉)

Check out the post for the FULL tutorial with lots of step-by-step photos!