Share the joy of friendship this Christmas 
with Pootsey the Wonderbug!

This Christmas, give your sweet children a heartwarming story that will tickle their funny bones, teach them some simple life lessons, and take them on little adventures. 

Get personalized copies of
The Adventures of Pootsey the Wonderbug,
signed by the author with a special note (of your choosing!)
for your child!

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After checkout, you'll be directed to a form where you can tell me the names of the children receiving the gifts, as well as what note you'd like me to include!

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Mauri with Pootsey Book

From my family to yours!

As I was growing up, my dad had a busy job that demanded much of his time & travel, so he always looked for little ways to make sure he was able to connect with me. 

His creation of Pootsey was one of those simple ways!

When I was 9 & 10 years old, I'd wake up and find a little handwritten note next to my cereal bowl. 

The night before, my dad would take a pencil, a small piece of notepad paper, and his imagination, and spend a few moments to craft a short tale of Pootsey the Wonderbug and his adventures around our home. 

Almost two decades later, right after my first daughter was born, my dad and I teamed up to revise and develop these sweet stories and turn them into a book to share with other families.

The Adventures of Pootsey the Wonderbug - the original notes my dad wrote about Pootsey that we eventually turned into a published children's book.

(These are the original Pootsey notes from the 1990s!)

My dad taught me that some of the simplest things we do in life are the most impactful.

We're big believers that sharing stories with kids will build a lifetime of memories, one story at a time.  

Thank you for inviting Pootsey into your home
to help you build those precious memories together!

Have some questions?! 

Good news: I have some answers!

Will I get all these goodies in the mail?

Yep! I'm sending them to the address you provide for me on the form after check out. 

How long will it take for shipping? 

I will likely send them UPS - they seem to be able to offer me some shipping options that enable me to brunt the cost of shipping so I can offer it to you for free! :) That being said, UPS said it would likely take 7-10 business days, which is why I plan to send these out a few days before Thanksgiving so you can get them in plenty of time before Christmas!

Can I buy multiple books and send them to more than one address?

Yes! But, in order to offer you free shipping on more than 1 book, I need to be able to send your order to one address. 

How will I tell you the custom notes I want you to include when you sign the books?

Right after check out, you'll be directed to a Google form where you can provide that information to me. 

I can't wait for your kiddos to meet Pootsey & his friends, Tippy & Elizabeth!

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