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Open the doors of your home with confidence...

...even when you only have moments to prep.

Instant Hospitality: Just Add Guests

gives you joyful confidence to welcome others in on short notice. 

In this go-to guide for last-minute gatherings,  you will get amazingly simple and actionable tips, tricks, and recipes for welcoming others into your home, even if they're arriving with little time to prepare. 

Ready to take the stress out of hosting last-minute guests? Ready to enjoy opening your doors to others, regardless of the time you have to prepare for their arrival? 


This Guide is perfect for you if...

  • You enjoy having company over but often get overwhelmed when you feel like you don't have enough time to prepare for their arrival.
  • You desire to confidently welcome guests in with tangible and actionable tips for making your home more inviting so as to not feel intimidated at the thought of all (you think) you have to do to prepare.
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    You want ideas for preparing delicious and memorable food for company - with simple recipes using items you already have on hand!
  • You need simple inspiration to leave your guests feeling loved, important, and valued.

Howdy, I'm Mauri!


I've always enjoyed having people over - for a meal around our table, for a fun game night, or even to spend the weekend. I love the anticipation of company and working to create a warm and inviting environment for them. After all, I know how loved I feel when I'm a valued guest in someone else's home! 

However, as life continued to grow increasingly busy, I no longer had the luxury of time I had in previous years. I needed to come up with routines I could easily follow and recipes I could easily prepare in anticipation of company. 

And that's exactly what Instant Hospitality is all about! It's my Secret Sauce to quickly prepping for company,  and it's going to give you the confidence and joy you need to open your doors up to others, even on short notice!

Want to know what kinds of tips and recipes you'll find in Instant Hospitality?

This Go-To Guide has several sections to help you prepare your home, prepare food, and create a welcoming environment - all on short notice. 

Tips for quick clean-up. 

A simple list of the 4 things I quickly (and strategically!) do when I know company's coming.

Easy prep & yummy 

meal ideas.

Recipes for quick meals you can make (from items you can store in your pantry & freezer), quick snack ideas, and easy salad combinations. 

Ideas for quickly creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Does your house often feel chaotic? Welcome to the club! Regardless of the chaos, you can get some tips of a few things you can simply do to make your home feel warm & welcoming!

Checklist for prepping for overnight guests. 

Take the guess work out of what to have on hand in your guest room and guest bath. You can do a few things now that'll help you be prepared for overnight guests anytime.

Simple ideas for sprucing up the everyday. 

Don't you love it when food and drinks seem to be a little fancier? Me too! Get some ideas on how to quickly & easily "jazz up" the everyday!

Tips for having a last-minute celebration.

Want to celebrate someone's birthday but don't have much time to prepare a big to-do? No need for a big party - people just love that you're thinking of them! Get some tips on how to easily put together a special celebration.

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nstant Hospitality!

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Are you ready for some amazing hospitality tips?!

Learn how Instant Hospitality has helped so many other women gain confidence to open their homes on short notice!


"As a mom, I need simple and practical ideas for having people into my home. Mauri's book provides just that." 

"Instant Hospitality" is one of those books I know I will continually reference. As a mom, I need simple and practical ideas for having people into my home. Mauri's book provides just that. She put my mind at ease as she shared practical tips for preparing for others and delicious recipes. This book is a must for all women who want to cultivate hospitality in their homes.

- Keri

"...this pretty and vibrant e-book has great tips on how to make hospitality enjoyable for both you and your guests." 

A must read for anyone even remotely interested in entertaining friends. If company is coming over for a few minutes or overnight, this pretty and vibrant e-book has great tips on how to make hospitality enjoyable for both you and your guests. I host on a regular basis and was able to learn lots of things that I will definitely want to incorporate.

- Elizabeth 

"I feel so much more empowered to create welcoming gatherings in my home...minus all the expectations and fuss!"

I used to feel like having guests over to our house was a huge to-do! I had all of these expectations of what a perfect gathering should look like and what kind of food I should be serving. And admittedly, I always felt so overwhelmed!

But after reading through Instant Hospitality I feel so much more empowered to create welcoming gatherings in my own home … minus all the expectations and fuss!

Mauri walks you through exactly how to plan for hosting guests. Everything in the book really is instant -- super easy food ideas, simple & practical tips to prepare your home, and how to make people feel welcome. With this guide, I feel like I’m ready to host an impromptu get-together tonight, and I know it will be amazing!

- Christene

"...a true win for this mom!"

This go-to guide for last minute gatherings was easy to follow and perfect for the busy mom and party planner like me! My hostess with the mostess personality dreams up grand ideas when planning for guests; however, being a full time working mom the fine details of my plan often get pushed aside when tiredness sets in. This guide was an excellent way to keep me grounded on the basics of hospitality at its finest and to not sweat the small stuff. The recipes were simple and doable using many ingredients I already have on hand- a true win for this mom! I will definitely be sharing this resource with all my friends and family for the best kept secret when it comes to southern hospitality.

- Meghan

"...handy guide to last-minute food and prep, and Mauri actually means last-minute, not just 'easy.'"

Finally, someone who gets it! I love hosting parties and get-togethers, but even when I know I have something coming up, I tend to get swamped and can't do everything I would like. This is a handy guide to last-minute food and prep, and Mauri actually means last-minute, not just "easy." It's nice to have a quick list to glance over instead of spending time online coming up with ideas. Plus, love the salsa recipe! If you want to work on your hospitality without having to worry about extravagant designs, this is the guide for you.

- Beth

"It has helped me relax and prepare ahead for guests..."

For a girl that struggles with hosting people in my home on short notice, this Instant Hospitality Guide has been a game-changer. It has helped me relax and prepare ahead for guests of all sorts!! Thank you, Mauri! You're a life-saver!!

- Audrey 

" survival guide handbook to hostessing guests."

Typically, I invite people over, and as it gets closer to the arrival of my guests, I panic and I question my sanity because I run around with my head cut off. "Instant Hospitality: Just Add Guests" takes the guesswork and anxiety out of hospitality. Mauri helps guide me through the preparation process clearly and concisely. She helps me think of small details I never considered in the moment or on the fly, she helps me to prioritize and she helps me have go to's in my pantry and home. "Instant Hospitality" is my survival guide handbook to hostessing guests.

- Shelle

"Easy-to-read, easy-to-put-into-practice guide..."

Instant Hospitality is an easy-to-read, easy-to-put-into-practice guide that gives such practical tips. It is such a great reminder that hospitality is more about being thoughtful and intentional than about having the best or nicest home on the block.

- Rachel

I hope Instant Hospitality can be a blessing to you, too!

Yay! Let's get cookin'! 

Can't wait to share all of these tips that have helped me so much to lessen the stress and make it more fun (and so much easier!) to welcome others in on short notice!?

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