Are you looking for a way for your family to focus on Advent amidst the busyness of the holiday season?

Meet with God at the dinner table.

You’re all going to eat each day anyway, right? Make your December mealtimes meaningful with these bite-sized (but still meaty!) dinnertime Advent devotionals.

All you need is a mealtime, some food, this study, and each other.

Eat together. Chat together. Celebrate Advent together. 

in this family advent devotional e-book you’ll find…

This family Advent study e-book comprises brief, meaningful daily devotionals for you and your family to reflect upon during a shared meal together. Each daily dinnertime devotional focuses on a common theme: the Christmas tree.

Because most of us likely display a Christmas tree in December, it’s the perfect backdrop for a study during the season of Advent. The Bible is full of examples of people using an item to remember important aspects and characteristics of God. As you’ll soon find out, we’ll use the symbol of a Christmas tree to remind us of some of God’s grandest gifts such as His mercy, His redemption, His sacrifice, and His love.

This devotional focuses on how Scripture uses trees/wood to highlight God’s power, His desire for our obedience, and the necessity for us to remain rooted in truth. Similarly, we’ll see that the lights on our trees can remind us that God is the Light of the World; that He calls us to be a Light; that Light overcomes darkness; and that God’s Word is a Light to guide us in our lives.

As we use the theme of the Christmas tree as a backdrop of our study each day, we can look to it as a family to remember that Christ is in the details of our lives and in the details of the season.

Each Day of Advent you can…

Read together.

Spend a few minutes each day reading the Scripture(s) and commentary during your meal – all included in the devotional e-book.

Reflect together.

Reflect on how your Christmas tree can serve as a visual reminder for a biblical truth that day.

Chat together.

Use the two discussion questions provided (or come up with your own) to chat about how you can apply the day’s reading during the Advent season.

I want to connect with my family this Advent!

In addition to the advent study e-book, you’ll also get…

Some outrageously easy and absolutely delicious recipes.

Included with the study, you’ll also receive a printable recipe booklet with four easy-to-make, delicious one-pot soup recipes. These soup recipes are tried and true from my kitchen to yours. They’re family-friendly and will surely bring smiles to your dinner table!

In the recipe booklet, you’ll also find ideas for some no-fuss, fun-to-make seasonal dessert ideas to bring some extra special flavor and festiveness to a normal meal. (If you’re having trouble getting kids to the dinner table, just tell them a peppermint milkshake is involved and I’m sure they’ll be there in a jiffy.)

And a beautiful printable Advent calendar with Scripture references.

You’ll also receive PDF documents of a beautiful Advent calendar that you can easily print and trim to hang on garland, ribbon, or perhaps even your Christmas tree.

Each date of Advent is printed on one side, and a Scripture reference is printed on the other.

In keeping with the theme of lights, each day’s Scripture reference pertains to light and can offer a reminder to us that Jesus is the Light of the World and that we are to be a light for others.

Printable 2017 Advent Calendar

Are you ready to make Advent more meaningful this season?! Spice up your family mealtimes with these bite-sized devotionals and connect with each other and Christ this Christmas.

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  • E-Booklet of 4 Simple, Delicious, One-Pot Soup Recipes & No-Fuss Dessert Ideas
  • PDF Printable Advent Calendar with the Dates of Advent & Scripture References

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